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The Lulu West Weight Management Boutique supports you to create sustainable lifestyle changes to help you achieve the transformation you are looking for.

As your Health, Wellness and Weight Loss Coach, I help you to shift your behaviour by changes in your mindset towards healthier habits and to get in touch with the dream that’s inside you.

I support you in the transition of heating healthier, taking back control with the confidence to take charge and say no to large.  We talk about our relationships, your stress, sleep, your jobs, children... whatever it is that's driving you to emotional eating, and then we look at solutions.

Each solution looks at your unique story, and is determined by what has been observed through the process of case taking and interpretation.

We work with your body confidence and emotional eating and how to increase your self-esteem and confidence; food intolerances, insomnia and how sleep deprivation affects weight gain, and the importance of movement.

DNA testing can help you achieve your optimal health and wellbeing leading to a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. We help you discover your unique genetic profile and whether you are supporting genetic risk factors with your diet and lifestyle.