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Would you like to turn down the heat and possibly reduce the amount of hot flushes occurring?

Imagine how it would feel to stop those rivers of sweat before they start or becoming a tidal wave washing over your body?

Do your hot flushes leave you drenched and drained of energy, and dignity?

Hot flushes are a particularly unpleasant aspect of the menopause for many women and are often debilitating, disturbing sleep and daily life to a considerable extent.

Take back control and feel empowered.    During the trial 85% of ladies were able to reduce the amount of hot flushes and / or turn down the heat to a much better level.

Learn practical methods of controlling your hot flushes that are easy to use and remember.

No medication is involved.

Ladies who cannot take oestrogen based products or eat oestrogen rich foods now have an alternative method of help.

The Menopause Relief Programme, was written and designed by Sheila Granger to help you take back control, to reduce the intensity of a hot flush, so that you can get on with living.    I have been personally trained by Sheila Granger and know what it feels like to have the suddenness and intensity of a hot flush and this programme has helped enormously.

The majority of women have found that they are able to reduce the intensity and the amount of hot flushes they are experiencing.

One client was experiencing around 20 hot flushes in 24 hour period. Using this programme, they were able to reduce that to around 5 in 24 hours. Those few that remained were less intense. Making life that much more enjoyable.

Having the ability to do this is very empowering.

The course is four sessions, each lasting about one hour.  During that time you will learn new techniques to help control your hot flushes and receive an individual recording to listen to on a daily basis between sessions.

This programme has received national recognition in the high end glossy magazine Spirit and Destiny.

In October 2016, the Menopause Relief Programme was presented to the Canadian Hypnotherapy Conference as a new topic.

The results are very positive and there are no guarantee that everyone will have the same outcome, just the same as Doctors cannot guarantee that HRT will work or suit everyone, however the Menopause Relief Programme is proving to be very successful.

What difference would it make to your life if you could control those hot flushes and feel calmer?

What would it mean to feel in control of your life?

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