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As a Certified Licensed FATnosis Practitioner I offer the ground breaking FATnosis Weight Loss solution. Developed and pioneered by Weight Loss Expert Steve Miller, FATnosis is the highly respected weight management model that combines:-

  1. Mindset programming to help you acquire new healthy habits so that you manage your weight effectively.
  2. Straight talking motivation that is tailored to you personally and designed to keep you on track.
  3. An 80-20 meal planning system that helps ensure you eat healthily for 80% of the time and enjoy a little of what you fancy for the remaining 20% combined with creative portion control.
What You Will Receive

We will work closely together over six weeks with me as your cheer leader, straight talker, mind programmer and motivator. In many ways I will become a new best friend that tells you the truth and champions your mindset and motivation to lose and manage your weight safely. FATnosis is about being positive, honest and proactive about your weight loss.

Working together you will receive:-

  • Face to face weekly sessions either in person or via Skype.

  • SOS text support in between sessions to help ensure you are focused daily.

  • Meal planning support using the 80-20 meal planning system.

  • Motivational coaching to help drive and elevate your desire to lose weight safely.

  • Mind programming to help you immediately get into the right frame of mind for the long term, so that you can manage your weight effectively.

Who Is FATnosis For?

FATnosis is for those who will welcome a straight talking and supportive mindset and motivation weight loss solution.

It is for those who know what they should eat to manage their weight but require a combination of mind programming, straight talking motivation and a practical meal planning solution.

FATnosis is not a nutrition based programme; it's focus is on helping you change your habits and behaviours so that you lose weight and manage it for the long haul.

As a FATnosis Certified Practitioner I will explain the programme in more detail at a complimentary consultation.

Please contact me here to arrange your FREE CONSULTATION:
Email: lulu@luluwest.co.uk / Tel: 07791 017858.

Your Investment

Your six week programme fee has a special price of £397.00 reduced from £450.00 for my Summer Promotion.

This will include the full support programme running over the six week period to help you immediately start losing and managing your weight into the future.

Your Free Consultation

I am pleased to offer you a 15 minute complimentary consultation that will allow us to discuss together how FATnosis can help you. In your free consultation I will:-

  • Explain how FATnosis works and who it is for.
  • Take time to understand your needs in detail to check FATnosis is the best model for you.
  • Give you an understanding of how FATnosis will support you.
  • Allow you time to ask questions about FATnosis and how it will help you lose and manage your weight.
  • Explain the next steps.