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Bringing Your Dreams To Life

Have you been telling your friends, colleagues and family that you are going to lose weight, find the man of your dreams, re-train, open your own business, launch that new product or service?

Have you been saying the same things though for a very long time, and are frustrated that you are watching other people get what you’ve always wanted instead?

Are you ready now to take move and take steps to actually achieve your dreams, your aspirations now!

And to mean it and start now.

Are you looking at your life through a foggy window?

Are you in a serious rut?

Have you lost all ability to dream?

Have you lost any motivation to get off your butt to even begin to achieve your goals?

Do you want to organise your house?  Move to a new home?

Would you like to attract some happiness?

Or perhaps you'd like to stop procrastinating and start planning your dream wedding?   50th birthday party?  Lifetime holiday?  Forever home?

Just imagine attracting and having…

♥ great health
♥ supporting relationships
♥ the love of your life
♥ wealth
♥ having the level of success that you desire
♥ travelling
♥ focused business! a great business!
♥ clarity
♥ perhaps even finding time out for you
♥ the best wedding EVER!
♥ the most perfect 50th birthday party
♥ whatever your intuition and heart leads you…

Vision Board and Manifestation Masterclass

Create your grandest vision for your life.

Learn the daily practises to help you activate your vision.

Attract abundance in all areas of your life.

Create your very own vision board.

Take part in visualisation and manifestation exercises.

Vision Boards

There are three basic types of Vision Boards you can create, and there are several methods you can use for creating them.   Choose which workshop will work best for you.

Specific - for example, to manifest your dream house, perfect holiday

Open - you're not sure, or you are sure but have no direction, these work very well for annual Vision Boards, or if you're coming out of a recent time of great change.

Themed - Weddings, Parties,  Career, New Job,  New Product, New Service

Bring Your Dreams to Life at a Wedding Vision Board Workshop
Bring Your Dreams to Life at a Wedding Vision Board Workshop

So, for now I'd like to ask you some questions, is that okay?


Concentrate on these questions please.

Then, close down all distractions, family, phones, dogs... you get it!

Please close your eyes, take three very deep breaths.

One breath for your mind,

then another deep breath for your body,

then another deep breath for your spirit... if you feel any blockages with your breath just accept it, love it and move your breathe through it and keep breathing.

Feel it, connect with it, and just concentrate on your breathing.

Then ask yourself...

1. If you were given (magically) £250,000 million pounds, yes 25 MILLION POUNDS! Where would you live, what would you be doing, what would your mind want you to do, what would your body want to be, what would your spirit want? This can take time, it took me a while and suddenly for me when I understood the impact of MILLIONS, I found the answers to this question very quickly. It was a revelation and I then understood why I felt I have been looking through a very foggy window.

2. If you could wave a magic wand and make your dream, or dreams, any way you want it to be, what would you wish for?

3. Can you put a timeline on any of your dreams?

4. How do you feel? Capture that feeling.

Still yourself, and then open your eyes.

Did you get clarity on what YOU really want, and not what you SHOULD be doing?